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Release 2 Innovations provides your organization a fully integrated, flexible cyber solution using your existing architecture, built on decades of experience and superior analytics to meet the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

Cyber Analysis

Dark Web

Passive Perimeter

Cyber Analysis Service

With the volume of data increasing exponentially, state-of-the-art tools are only half of the answer.

Dark Web Monitoring

With Wikileaks and recent retail organization hacks, credit card and personal data have been leaked to the Dark Web.

Treat Analysis

We can provide your organization with a detailed snapshot of critical network data of your network.

Network activity within the context of the entire Internet

Broad-based threat intelligence

Network threat intelligence API

Public/non-public anonymous proxy threat data feed

Ransomware-specific threat intelligence

Release 2 Innovations

Founded by Wayne Wheeles, CEO, in early 2014, Release 2 Innovations (R2i) is the realization of a vision two decades in the making. R2i unifies several disciplines: cybersecurity, threat intelligence, and data science. Our team comes to the table with over five decades of experience in cybersecurity across both the federal and commercial landscapes. Our commitment to our clients will always focus on delivering results-driven solutions.