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Cyber Security is People + Technology

Release 2 Innovation provides your organization with fully-integrated, flexible cyber analysis services within your environment built on decades of experience and using superior analytics solutions to meet your cyber threats for today and tomorrow.

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Feeling strapped by cybersecurity demands? Augment and enhance your security team with our expert cyber and network security services.

Cyber Security Analysis

With the volume of data increasing exponentially, state-of-the-art tools are only half of the answer. Trained analysts with the right understanding of not just the cyber process, but of technology, the industry, and your company are critical to the success of any cyber program. Release 2 Innovation offers cyber analysis support services to help you fill the gaps in your cyber intelligence operations. Our team is trained using the latest technology and is knowledgeable about the latest threats and mitigation strategies. As part of our support, we train, or assist in training, your staff.

Dark Web Monitoring

With Wikileaks and recent retail organization hacks, large amounts of credit card and personal data have been leaked to the Dark Web. Before this, few people understood or even knew what the Dark Web was. Release 2 Innovation offers a very focused Dark Web monitoring service that will immediately notify you if any of your personal or business data is found on Dark Web. Details are provided as to what was found, when, and where it was found. The level of granularity and frequency of the monitoring is determined by you.

Passive Perimeter Evaluations

Across the globe organizations confront the same kinds of questions every day: “have I been breached?” or “what is my risk to ransomware?” Most organizations don’t ask these questions until it is too late. Built on over five decades in the industry, Release 2 Innovation has developed a comprehensive report: Passive Perimeter Evaluation (PPE). It’s low-profile, discrete, and delivers invaluable security insight without interrupting your business. The PPE covers all major areas of concern: Dark Web exposure, compromised data, ransomware exposure, potential for data loss, and network perimeter exposure. The PPE is the equivalent of a security “credit score” for an organization.

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Release 2 Innovation

Founded by Wayne Wheeles, CEO, in early 2014, Release 2 Innovation (R2i) is the realization of a vision two decades in the making. R2i unifies several disciplines: cybersecurity, threat intelligence, and data science. Our team comes to the table with over five decades of experience in cybersecurity across both the federal and commercial landscapes. Our commitment to our clients will always focus on delivering results-driven solutions.

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