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The JediBadger data feed enables clients to create their own threat intelligence feed. The JediBadger repository provides information on over 300 million malicious entities worldwide, spanning two years of complete historical coverage.

JediBadger was developed as a Threat Intelligence repository in early 2014. Through market analysis and the incorporation of advanced analytics and customer feedback, JediBadger then transitioned to a threat intelligence feed in the Spring of 2017. The JediBadger threat intelligence feed incorporated information covering over three years of historical coverage for malicious entities worldwide. JediBadger acquires information from 50 well vetted sources worldwide and is updated continually. JediBadger maintains historical information and tracks over 300 million malicious entities worldwide.

JediBadger is aggregated from 50 well-vetted sources worldwide and is updated daily. It includes extensive coverage of different classes of activities: anonymous/proxy/VPN, System Compromise, Attacking Activity, Botnet Activity, Denial of Service, Phishing/Spam, Scanning & Recon, Blacklisted, Vulnerable Hosts and Malware Activity. Included is information on anonymous network exit nodes (over 600,000 worldwide) and over 6.5 million anonymous network entities.

JediBadger is provides customized daily reporting and derivative data sets to commercial and federal clients.